Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to Bradd (2/2009)

We had Bradd's birthday party at Pizza Hut. It was great -- I didn't have to clean my house before or after the party, and everyone loved the pizza!
Corey, or Optimus Prime?
Ice-cream sandwich cake -- yummy!
Transformers, more than meets the eye! :)

Snow storm #1 (1/2009)

Bradd loves to "help" his Dad.
I think Jason is probably looking forward to the day that he can turn this completely over to Bradd.
Swinging might be more fun in the snow!

Fort Apache (12/2008)

Grandpa has the best toys!!

Over the Hills and Through the Woods..... (12/2008)

Cousins (Lauren, Lexi, Tasha, and Bradd)

The kids (and Grandma) took turns climbing this old tree. (Climbing = Willis holding them up!)

Christmas Program (12/2008)

Lauren in her Christmas dress before the Sunday School program.
Dollies and bears and the story of Bethlehem.
A dolly and a bear. :)

Christmas Carols (12/2008)

Lauren's Sunday School class singing at CrestView.

Big Sister (12/2008)

One of my favorite things is to watch while Lauren reads a story to Bradd.

Thanksgiving (11/2008) -- traditional (ice-cream jello) and non-traditional (steak)

Lauren made peach ice-cream jello for Thanksgiving dinner. It's our favorite.
Corey came to eat with us. Rather than going traditional, we had steaks cooked on the grill.
Lauren's class studied Pilgrims, and she wore the hat that she made.

Toys!!!! (11/2008)

It might not be the Sears catalog, but Bradd loved looking through it just the same.
The Wal-Mart flyer came with bright pictures of all kinds of exciting toys -- Bradd carried it around for days!

Pirates! (11/2008)

We had some beautiful days in November, and on one of those days, Lauren and Bradd decided to be pirates. Bradd's toolbox was a treasure chest. It was filled with trinkets!
The two-person swing on the swingset (teeter-totter, something like that) was their pirate ship. I had blankets hanging on the clothes line, and that turned into the stage for their play.

Hard at Work (11/2008)

Bradd working hard in the shop with Dad. Someday, maybe he'll be a little more help?

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I'm going to try and post pictures again at some point in the future.....I promise!