Friday, October 31, 2008


Bradd hard at work...

and Lauren with her masterpiece

Our little monster?! He was awfully proud of his pumpkin... can you tell?

The finished products. This is the best possible way to decorate pumpkins... just like Mr. Potato Head, but with a "monster" theme. We were even missing a few mouths from the package we bought, so we added a few parts from the kids' Potato Heads!

Bradd and I decorated the porch with our creations!


We had to get Lauren's costume ready, and make sure she could get into it without too much help (for her school party). We had a trial run Wednesday night, and our superheroes are ready to roll!!

Indian Summer?

I can't remember the last time we had this many nice days in October. We were able to dress in shorts and t-shirts to hang out at the park! You just can't beat 70 degree days.

Sandhills Cranes

The sandhills cranes decided to take a break in Ernie's wheat field this year. We had a great time watching them circle around and decide to land, even though they didn't stay more than a few minutes. They sounded awesome...pretty amazing!!


So, I went to this yard sale, and there was this HUGE box of legos..... I guess I can't really complain when they play with them?! Seriously, there are enough Legos to completely cover the living room floor. My carpet looks kind of dirty, but it's just tiny little Legos!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

History in Action

We went to the museum for History in Action day. We enjoyed looking at the antique equipment. Check out this rototiller!

We didn't spend a whole lot of time in the museum itself, because it was very difficult to convince both kids that they weren't realy supposed to play with everything. They really enjoyed the hands on stuff, though. They got to press apples to make apple cider and taste honey straight from a bee hive. Bradd got to "pump" water while Lauren used an old washboard and lye soap to wash clothes.

We ended the fun day with a buggy ride!

Let's go fishing!

Grandpa Don and Grandma Whanda came to visit and to take the kids fishing. We didn't catch a single fish, but we did feed the fish a lot of worms. The kids had a great time, regardless of the fact that they didn't catch anything. They played in the water and did a lot of exploring. Grandma Whanda taught them how to make a leaf into a musical instrument, and Daddy taught them how far out in the water they could go before getting REALLY wet.